VIBE Identity Package


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The corporate identity piece is built around a custom illustration, developed entirely inhouse, of the client's vision for an up and coming therapeutic, educational, and consulting service company: Volcano Island Bodywork Experience.

"My search for a graphic design team had me carefully investigating logos and websites for months, looking for designers with vision, skills and dynamic creativity. My friend referred me to Coburn when I complimented his logo, and I found myself joyfully emailing him this response: 'Looking at the Coburn Creative website has had the effect of eating an ice cream sundae while sitting on top of the world, looking into the eyes of the one you love. I am absolutely won over in an instant.' Now, after many months of working closely with Coburn, I can say they have delivered above and beyond my initial hopes. I am even more impressed with their talent, and now I know how delightful and comforting it is to work with them personally. Lee, Amber and Jason are an incredibly professional, intuitive, and proactive team, and I look forward to working with them for many years to come."
- Jena Chambers, Owner, Executive Director

Volcano Island Bodywork Experience Logo
VIBE Identity Package