2009 Season Brochure


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This Pinnacle Award award winning brochure -- for the second consecutive year.

  • Record Passbook sales up 12% over 2009
  • Half of the brochures were designed as abridged versions with half the page count. This decreased the total
    brochure cost, allowing Barter to print and distribute more. Furthermore, the smaller brochures allowed
    racks across the region to hold more brochures thus, racks ran out less frequently. Overall, there was a
    reduced cost in printing and an increase in exposure.
  • Barter Theatre attendance for 2010 was 162,487, one of the highest seasons in Barter Theatre's history.
    Given pre sales and projections, Barter Theatre attendance would have surpassed the 2009 record year had
    it not been for inclement weather and an unexpected power outage.

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