Hilandar Research Library Website


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The Hilandar Research Library and Resource Center for Medieval Slavic Studies at The Ohio State University is one of two definitive resources for those engaged in medieval Slavic studies. Coburn Creative designed an entirely new site that involved incorporating existing content, working with Slavic translations, testing usability in a variety of browsers, complying with 508 standards, and creating a flash video from their DVD that had both English and Slavic audio.

Our solution resulted in a Web 2.0 design. It incorporated the feel of the centuries-old Hilandar monastery, providing a presence that was accurate and fitting for the subject. We worked very closely with The Ohio State University on this project and the end result has helped the Hilandar Research Library not only receive a new face, but also a site that will help them gain funding, promote the library, and allow greater access to those interested in studying in these areas.

Visit the site live at http://cmrs.osu.edu/rcmss.